14 ideas for Mother and Son Cosplay

I am a Mom first, and a Geek always. My 12-year-old is my best friend when it comes to comics, superhero movies, and cartoons. Going to a convention is our idea of a mother-son date! So far, the biggest one we have ever attended was the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) in Philadelphia. It was an amazing experience! Everyone was so supportive and we both learned so much from the teachers, cosplayers, and artists!

Our military move to San Diego upped the ante. Still in our 1st year here, we miscalculated just how hard it is to get into the world-famous San Diego Comic Convention! We only have a few more years here and I refuse to leave without experiencing a comic convention on the West coast.

We bought our tickets for Stan Lee’s Comikaze in LA, booked the hotel, and are counting down the days. The only things missing are our costumes. We have never cosplayed before and we want to do this thing right! When I did a search for “Mother and Son Cosplay”, I found very few suggestions for teacups where the son is older than an infant.

We wanted costumes of characters that were not romantically involved and avoided brother/sister teamups. I also wanted to avoid being the token female member of a team…



Between the two of us, we came up with a list of our FAVORITE matriarchs and sons from comic and cartoon lore.

1. Mystique and Nightcrawler (Marvel)

2. Bulma and Trunks (DragonBall Z)
3. Wilma and Bam Bam (The Flintstones)
4. Chi-Chi and Gohan/Goten (DragonBall Z)

5. Elastigirl and Dash (The Incredibles)

6. Talia Al Ghul and Damien Wayne (DC comics)

7. Hawkgirl and WarHawk (DC Comics)


8. Ma Kent/Lara Lor-Van and Superman (DC comics)
9. Mera and AquaLad (DC comics)
10. Michonne and Carl (Walking Dead)

11. Black Widow and James Rogers (Next Avengers)
12. Wasp and Pym Jr. (Next Avengers)
13. Storm and Naze Monroe (New X-men)
14. Storm and Azari (Next Avengers)


By the way, did you know that Storm also has a daughter named Torrent?  Expect a discussion in the near future on why Marvel seems to think that Storm is incapable of using birth control.


So what do you think? Did we miss any?


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